George Michael’s Will bequeaths Nothing to His Ex-Partners

George Michael’s Will Bequeaths Nothing To His Ex-Partners

It has been revealed two years after George Michael’s death that he has excluded key figures that were part of the late singer’s life out of his Will.

Michael’s ex-partners Fadi Fawaz and Kenny Goss were bequeathed nothing from the £97.6 million fortune which has immediately stunned and sent ripples through the singer’s inner circle as to why he included some people and not others.

Recent Court paperwork has meant the estate can finally be divided following the tragic passing of the world’s best-selling singer and songwriter from heart disease in December 2016.

The five page document which divided up his wealth has been left to his two sisters, his dad, friends, and relatives. However, the majority of his estate, including his two London homes is equally bequeathed between his sisters, Yioda and Melanie, while his dad, Kyriacos is left a horse racing stud farm where he has resided for many years.

The remainder of the star’s wealth will be split between seven friends and relatives. The beneficiaries include his band mate Shirlie Kemp and record producer David Austin.

But George’s ex-partner Kenny, whom he had a relationship with for almost 15 years has been left nothing from his estate along with on-off boyfriend Fadi.

American business man Kenny began a romance with George in 1996 but George announced their split in 2011 – however they reconciled their differences in the few years leading up to his death.

Hairdresser Fadi and George began dating in 2012 and later found George, 53, dead in his home in Goring-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

However, Fadi is still living in George’s London Regent Park home and has repeatedly ignored requested to leave the premises. He has disregarded letters from Michael’s family as he claims that the late singer gave him permission to live there before he passed away.

George’s sister Yioda, who he was devoted to, is the executor of the Will and it is her decision to decide which friends get what. A source has said:

“It’s a lovely gesture to name his closest friends.

“But in the end he’s left it all up to Yioda. He knew she’d always do the right thing.”

George Michael’s Will revelations seem to have caused a few raised eyebrows and which may cause tensions and stress for sister Yoida who is sole executor.

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