• December 9, 2023
 Free initial stage of Family Tree Research

Free initial stage of Family Tree Research

During estate administration, it’s crucial that only entitled people receive their rightful inheritance to avoid misdistribution and future claims against the estate. On intestacy, it is highly advisable to reconstruct a family tree to ensure all entitled people are included and unentitled people are excluded.

When determining the fees associated with a genealogy project, there are several things to consider; this includes the size of the family and if anyone has moved overseas, which is often unknown at the outset.

Title Research’s approach to quoting aims to provide clients with the most accurate advice. As part of their free Research Assessment Report*, they may need to determine how large one or both sides of a family tree will be or ensure that there are no missing or otherwise unknown relatives. With this information, they can estimate how many hours of research it may take to resolve the issue and provide an accurate quote.

To learn more about Title Research’s Family Tree Reconstruction service, including their free, initial stage of research, click the button below:

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*Please note, Title Research will need to assess the family information you have available to confirm whether a free initial stage of research is possible.

Title Research provides a range of genealogical research and asset repatriation services for legal professionals. Their services are designed to streamline the estate administration process, take the effort out of locating the correct people or assets, and mitigate the risk of future disputes or complications. If you have any questions about genealogical research, asset repatriation, or how you can work with Title Research, call them on 0345 87 27 600 or email info@titleresearch.com.

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