Flexible Life/Life Interest Wills: A WARNING for your client’s wealth!

Flexible Life/Life Interest Wills: A WARNING for your client’s wealth!

Whether you’re an estate planner, private client solicitor, Will writer, financial adviser, accountant or another within the industry, for us to write the best Wills possible and formulate the strongest estate plans for our clients, all of us within the legal profession should be asking ourselves one question:

Can I write a Will that includes a Flexible Life Interest Trust for my client that will cater for all of their wishes today?

Answer: Only if nothing goes wrong for any of your client’s beneficiaries during their lifetimes…

Are you telling your clients the above? You should be if you are advising Life Interest/Flexible Life Interest Wills.

Life Interest/Flexible Life Interests Trusts are only good advice to your clients if:

• They don’t have an Inheritance Tax problem
• They don’t enter care
• Their spouse doesn’t remarry if your client predeceases
• They don’t have any children from previous relationships
• Their children don’t get divorced
• Their children aren’t on benefits or won’t be at any point in the future
• Their children don’t ever have issues with creditors or bankruptcy
• Their children don’t have an Inheritance Tax problem

If you can categorically say that your client or their family members do not currently, and more importantly, will never face any of the above issues, then a Life Interest/Flexible Life Interest Trust might just be the solution for them…

If you can also confirm that none of your past, present or future clients’ families will not encounter any of the above, then carry on as you are…

Otherwise, we strongly suggest that you register for Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Ltd’s free Superhero Webinar 76 to discover how you, with the use of the Trusts available to our members, can provide the best solution to deal with the above threats.

The solution has to provide maximum flexibility for decisions to be made, and not only at the point you meet your clients but for the foreseeable future including when the client passes away…. Tune it to find out how!

Topics include:

• When are Flexible Life/Life Interest Trusts the best solution?
• When are Flexible Life/Life Interest Trusts not the best solution?
• What does the correct Estate Planning look like?
• What advice should I be giving to my clients who have Flexible Life/Life Interest Wills?
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Charlotte Ponder LL.B (Hons) TEP

Charlotte Ponder LL.B (Hons) TEP is the Legal Director of Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd and Countrywide Legacy, Charlotte holds a key responsibility in overseeing the running of the company as well as ensuring that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. With a strong legal background, Charlotte is well placed to take on this demanding position, having worked in multiple areas of law before progressing to Countrywide and interacted directly with clients to explain complex concepts in a simple manner. Following her studies and being called to the Bar, Charlotte’s legal career began in family law. As well as providing a strong foundation for her legal experience to build upon, here she also witnessed many divorce cases involving high asset losses, sparking her interest in how such consequences could be prevented.