• November 28, 2023
 Finders International: Private client services

Finders International: Private client services

Did you know that Finders International works with solicitors, legal executives, administrators, executors, state and corporate trustees, international lawyers, accountants, and other professional clients all around the world?

Since the beginning, we have set out to provide efficient and effective services for private clients. They include the location of missing beneficiaries to estates upon intestacy. Our world-wide networks mean we can trace those heirs wherever they are, ensuring that the administration of an estate can be done in a timely manner.

Where there is no known next of kin, we have tried and tested methods for finding those relatives which ensures that private clients don’t incur risks or fees. We are usually able to do this within days and undertake the search at our own expense and risk.

Entitled family members

In almost all cases, there will be living and entitled family members. While the relationship might be distant or the person living aboard, they still qualify as the rightful heirs and the Crown or State is not interested in estates when living heirs can be identified.

For Bona Vacantia cases, private clients may have to write off their time and costs, but we can help locate potential administrators and/or heirs.

We ask one of the next of kin to act as administrator and appoint your firm to act. Then, we put you in touch with that person to agree your usual terms and we do not ask for a referral fee. We can also search for wills and additional assets free of charge.

Asset searches

Our asset search checks more than 150 financial institutions, share registrars, provision providers and insurers and credit reference agency data. It takes 50 days to complete, though we can provide updates during that time, and we notify clients if any further assets turn up after the search.

Finders International is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and another service we offer is missing beneficiary indemnity insurance through Aviva.

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, it can be impossible to trace the present whereabouts of a specific missing heir or stem of the family tree. Missing beneficiary indemnity insurance provides cover against their shares of the estate.

This ensures that the identified beneficiaries can receive their inheritance and will not be asked to repay any of it in the future if missing heirs turn up.

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Finders International logo   Finders International were established in 1997 by Managing Director Daniel Curran. We trace missing heirs and beneficiaries to Estates, property, funds and assets worldwide. We also provide a range of Legal Support services and International Asset services including overseas bankruptcy services and Medallion Signature Guarantees. Within the private sector, we work with numerous Solicitors, Accountants, Corporate or State Trustees and financial institutions. In the public sector we assist local authorities, coroners and others in tracing next of kin. For 4 years running, we have been awarded ‘Best UK Probate Research Firm’ since 2019 at the UK Probate Research Awards, and have won the same award at the British Wills and Probate Awards in 2020. We complete hundreds of pro-bono cases every year, helping with stories of reunions of family separated by war or forced adoption and reuniting people with family heirlooms such as their ancestors lost war medals or long-lost books. We are also a founding member of IAPPR, the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists and Heir Hunters which aims to provide a single, authoritative voice for global probate research industry professionals and has an impressive list of international member companies. For a free no obligation quote, queries or advice, contact our team via the details below.   Key Contact: Name: Danny Curran Tel: 020 7490 4935 Email: contact@findersinternational.co.uk Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heirhunters/ Address 6-8 Vestry Street, London,  N1 7RE Key services

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