Introducing Estate Search our new Women in Wills sponsor

Introducing Estate Search our new Women in Wills sponsor

Women in Wills is delighted to announce EstateSearch, as a new sponsor.

I recently spent some time talking to Ben Furlong and Kathryn Spencer to find out why they decided to join forces and sponsor the Women in Wills group over the next 12 months.

Kathryn said:

“When Estatesearch began three years ago, we entered the private client sector, and learnt on our feet about requirements of practitioners. What processes people use, and how we could use technology to help practitioners. I think groups like Women in Wills, where it’s a networking group that’s there to support people, experienced professionals and newcomers to the sector, help everyone build a knowledge base to help to deliver great client satisfaction. It really matches with how we as a company have evolved in this sector, and we’re passionate about helping and supporting the wills and probate community.”

Kathryn then went onto explain how EstateSeach will continue to be regularly involved in the group.

“We’re looking forward to contributing to future group events, and the Women in Wills discussions which give professionals in the industry a platform to share and discuss any challenges, as well as explore and discuss possible solutions and new ways of working.”

Who are EstateSearch?


Explaining how benefits of customer feedback Kathryn said:

“Over the next 12 months the plan is continue to improve our offering to clients and work through the customer feedback we receive. Due to the way we gather data, and store it in our portal clients are able to come to us for multiple searches, whether it’s an asset search, bankruptcy search or a will search saving people time. We’re starting to see opportunities arising for us, and we’ve got a couple of new products in the pipeline that we’re developing.”

Ben added:

“It’s an exciting space to be in at the moment. As a result of Covid, firms have had to rethink and embrace new ways of working to improve efficiency, technology has helped this and as a result we’ve seen a growing number of clients over the last 12 months.”

Ben revealed an excting product that the company have in the pipeline.


Women In Wills fosters collaboration between women in senior roles across the wills and probate sector. We focus on organising networking events which provide a relaxed environment in which to develop friendships and share knowledge.

For more information visit the Women in Wills website.

Toni Ryder-McMullin

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