Digital vault launched to “add value and create ‘stickier’ clients”

A new digital estate planning service has launched to “help solicitors add value and create ‘stickier’ clients” according to it’s creators. 

Zenplans is a new digital estate planning service has been launched enabling solicitors to help their clients securely organise, maintain, store, and selectively share all their most important personal and financial information.

The cloud-based platform aims to capitalise on the move away from paper to a more digital society; recognising that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the various personal and financial information held by individuals.

Created by Stephen Moses, a former management consultant for EY, in response to his own experiences to identify and collate all the information needed to administer someone’s estate. He realised that, not only is there a huge amount of personal and financial information to deal with, but that finding it all and making sure the right people have access to it – both during their lifetime and when they die – can be challenging.

“We all have so much personal and financial information, that it is hard enough to keep on top of it all ourselves, making it almost impossible for our loved ones to sort out when we pass away.

“And now everything is online, it can be difficult to know exactly what assets the person had, let alone where they are, making trying to piece it altogether really stressful at what is already an incredibly emotional time for those left behind.

“I wanted to do something to make it much easier for people to keep on top of all their important information during their lifetime, but also create a way for people to share all that key information securely with those closest to them to make estate administration easy.”

Zenplans joins a range of “digital vaults” that have entered the market designed to make the process of estate management and administration easier, including storage details about Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. In Stephen’s view, such systems can create a more valuable client relationship by creating digital touchpoints, identifying planning gaps and enabling firms to turn a transactional relationship into a more advisory, lifetime connection.

“Zenplans can help create ‘stickier’ clients by creating opportunities to engage more regularly and offer value that can make a real difference to their clients’ lives.”

“By creating a Zenplan, clients are also encouraged to think about sharing their wishes with loved ones, which then naturally helps engagement with family, offering an organic way for law firms to build and maintain new relationships with the next generation and secure future estate administration work.”

One Response

  1. It seems like a B2B offering for estate planners, not for personal use? I’ve found the following trio quite useful:
    – Lastpass – for password protection
    – DGLegacy – for digital inheritance
    – Trust and Will – for digital estate planning (B2C)

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