• April 19, 2024
 CLS Property Insight introduces Savendale, Powered by CLS PI

CLS Property Insight introduces Savendale, Powered by CLS PI

CLS Property Insight (CLS PI) announces a new partnership with Savendale Insurance Services – an established company with unrivalled industry experience and expertise that will bring a focused series of offerings to private client solicitors in Scotland.

CLS PI has become a market-leading provider of Executry and Guardianship Bonds by listening to the industry and understanding the challenges that private client solicitors face when it comes to Bonds of Caution. By bringing together specialist underwriting expertise backed by an AA- rated (S&P) insurer and innovative, agile thinking, the Bonds provider offers insurance services that are faster, easier to use and more competitive than others on the market. For large guardianships, Savendale Powered by CLS PI will continue to offer indemnity limits of up to £10 million – one of the highest on the market along with flexible premium levels.

Executry Bonds of Caution are required in circumstances where the deceased did not leave a Will. An Executry Bond provides cover against someone applying for confirmation when they are not entitled to do so and against an Executor failing to distribute the estate according to Law. Guardianship Bonds protects the Adult with Incapacity in the event that the Guardian(s) fail to act appropriately with the assets of the Adult with Incapacity.

CLS PI is also a leading supplier of Title, Legal Indemnity, Environmental and estate administration insurance alongside essential property data and services to the UK property legal market. It is a sister company to one of the leading insurance MGAs – CLS Risk Solutions and the innovative Environmental Report Provider, Future Climate Info.

Lianne Goddard, Managing Director of CLS Property Insight, comments on the new partnership;

“CLS PI is well known for developing a competitive Executry and Guardianship Bonds offering for the Scottish market and we’re delighted to officially introduce Savendale, Powered by CLS PI. In a short time, we have introduced significant efficiencies for teams dealing with high volume cases every day and we will not be stopping there – we have exciting plans to further innovate and together, we will continue to put our client needs first and showcase our specialist underwriting expertise.”

Ian Burrell, Managing Director of Savendale Insurance Services, comments;

“We are understanding of the place bonds of caution play in the guardianship/executry system and the pressure that solicitors can be under. This is the first in a number of partnerships that will bring products and services to solicitors in their Private Client, Court and Residential Conveyancing departments. We are delighted to launch the company in partnership with CLS PI and to become a source of solutions for the legal profession and their clients and continue to make a noticeable difference to the industry.”

For the past four years, CLS PI has built a strong reputation for delivering low premiums and one of the highest indemnity limits in the market for Bonds of Caution. Now, Savendale, Powered by CLS PI will form an even stronger insurance offering for Scottish firms seeking a highly trusted and competitive provider.

For more information, please contact info@savendale.co.uk, alternatively visit www.savendale.co.uk.

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