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Branding is so much more than your logo

If we thought branding was about logos and then we’re absolutely wrong… it’s about reputation, meaning, culture, service and so much more according to Matt Davies who joins host David Opie on the latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast.

Matt lives and breathes branding and his enthusiasm for the subject comes across through this discussion which provides some useful pointers on what brand is, why it is important and where do we start?

Pulling no punches Matt challenges organisations and law firms to think about why they exist beyond making money.

“Nobody is interested in you wanting to make money. You may personally be in business to make money but your brand and business and what it’s trying to do in the world needs to have a  narrative and a story to position itself in such a way that is effective in its market place.”

Your brand should be

  1. a story or narrative that your customers find interesting and exciting
  2. something that your people can buy into and rally around

“And here’s the kicker” adds Matt,  “it has to be true and it has to be authentic, because in today’s world you’ll get found out.”

In his work Matt asks 4 key questions of organisations.

  • What do you exist beyond making money
  • Who do we serve
  • How should we show up for them
  • What are we offering them

Throughout this insightful discussion Matt provides plenty of useful pointers ad tips organisations and law firms can take away and implement in their own business.

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