Amy Holmes appointed as Public Guardian

Amy Holmes appointed as Public Guardian

Amy Holmes has been appointed as the new Public Guardian for England and Wales and Chief Executive of the Office of the Public Guardian.

Amy Holmes, currently Domestic Affairs Director in the Economic and Domestic Secretariat at the Cabinet Office, will take over the role of Public Guardian and Chief Executive of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) in the Autumn. She was successful in fair and open competition for the role and her appointment has been approved by The Deputy Prime Minister.

Jo Farrar, Second Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice and Chief Executive Officer, HM Prison & Probation Service said:

“I am delighted that Amy will be joining us in the vital role of Public Guardian and CEO of the OPG. Amy will bring a wealth of experience from an impressive career in government to lead the OPG’s ambitious plans to improve and modernise its services. I look forward to welcoming Amy when she takes up the post later this year.”

Stuart Howard will continue in the role of Interim Public Guardian of OPG until Amy joins the agency in the Autumn, after which he will continue in his role as OPG’s Head of Legal and Information Assurance.

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  • Who is Amy Holmes apart from yet another career civil servant; what litigation experience does she have; what does she know of the current unholy mess at the OPG and the wholly unacceptable delays and the disfunctional COP; and what is her plan to address the numerous significant shortcomings at the OPG over many years now and ongoing?
    I feel that those who appointed her should explain how they came to appoint her and why they consider her suitable for the PG and CEO of the OPG roles now and she should set our in the public purview her business case and plan in regard to the OPG which presumably she was required to supply to those who interviewed her for the role and let’s all see her CV as she is completely unknown to both the public and the various professionals and professional bodies engaged in this work.
    What ambitions and timescales does she propose to severely and immediately cut the waiting lists and numerous delays and errors which have plagued the PG for very many years now.
    Also how will she improve and constructively engage with the COP in regard to the numerous shortcomings between the two public bodies with a view to urgently improving matters in that regard?

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