• April 12, 2024
 Advertising Wills & Probate Notices Has Never Been Easier

Advertising Wills & Probate Notices Has Never Been Easier

Two of the UK’s leading specialist Legal Notice Advertising Agencies have joined forces and combined business operations to offer an unparalleled range of statutory advertising services and expertise in the Wills & Probate sector.

Both Advertising Agencies now sit under the EPE Administration group umbrella – a full-service provider of outsourced accounting, administration and fund services with global coverage.  EPE Reynell joined the EPEA group in 2018 to offer legal advertising services and now LegalAds are also part of the group to expand its offering in this space.

Combined under the EPE Administration umbrella, we will utilise significant synergy opportunities and draw on our decades of experience in the sector to remain focussed on delivering outstanding efficient and cost-effective statutory advertising solutions to our clients.

The complimentary nature of the Agencies portfolios creates a strong platform for growth in both the UK and internationally.  Looking forward, we are excited by the opportunities the merger will create for our clients and for what the combined organisation will achieve in the future.

Details on the full range of services offered can be found on the websites:  www.legalads.co.uk and www.epe-reynell.co.uk and www.epicpea.com


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