5 Tips for boosting your marketing performance

It can be pretty disheartening sometimes, seeing social media posts go unnoticed, ranking low on google search priority, and struggling to gain followers on your pages. And that’s understandable, growing a brand can be difficult and often time consuming work. So here’s 5 of my go-to tips for improving your marketing.

Put Search Engine Optimisation into practice

SEO is the bread and butter for any marketeer, nail this and you’ll be enjoying the results of great Google search rankings. To sum it up briefly, SEO is the practice of organically optimising your website to perform better on search engines. This can be done by having a blog page on your website, creating original and relevant content on your site, using relevant keywords to be picked up by search engines, and plenty more. Google ranks websites that are updated more frequently higher than others, as well as prioritising websites with good accessibility and mobile friendliness. If you’ve been mentioned on another website, ask them to include a link back to your website, as this increases your ranking. For more information about SEO, click here. Remember that this can take a few months to see benefits so the sooner you start, the better.

Adopt relationship marketing strategies

If you’re struggling to gain any interaction on social media, try and create posts that keep people coming back. Encourage people to comment with their thoughts, offer promotions, and try to spark up dialogue with your audience. Retaining loyal social media followers is easier than gaining new ones, and focusing on the quality of engagement with your existing audience can help to attract more people to your page.

Create relevant and engaging content

If you create content that your audience wants to read, watch, or listen to, you’ll find more engagement on your posts. This can include creating helpful resources and infographics with your business branding attached. This helps to promote positive brand association and increases your position of authority. Build brand authority by branding posts and images where possible.

Host useful webinars

Webinars are a good opportunity to meet clients (and prospects), customers and present yourself as a position of authority. People love free learning! This is also a great method of information capture, and is a good way to generate leads. Just remember though that when you host a free online session, your attendance is likely to be about 50% of the people that sign up so remember to get information capture on your sign up form.

Be consistent

Social media audiences enjoy consistency (and so do the algorithms), so it’s good practice to keep up with posting content, as long as you’re still maintaining quality. Audiences also expect a tonal consistency from your content, for example if you posted a film review on a legal update blog, it would likely alienate your audience. Try and keep things on brand, Instead talk about films that are about legal battles ;-).


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