Insuristic launches Estate Protect

Insuristic launches Estate Protect, a lightning fast, low cost, probate legal indemnity insurance solution for law firms. Insuristic launches Estate Protect, a revolutionary new digital platform to help Law firms arrange probate legal indemnity insurance in less than 60 seconds. This innovative solution caters for estates under £3 million with no known issues, delivering significantly […]

Farewill: Year in wills report

Farewill have recently published their Year in Wills Report 2023 which reveals the patterns they have seen throughout the year, what they suggest about how families are coping with the cost of living crisis, and how gifts in wills are changing. Despite an increase in the cost of living, gift giving was as high in […]

HMRC investigates over 2,000 families for inheritance tax shortfalls

More than 2,000 families are under scrutiny by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) this tax year for potential inheritance tax underpayments, as reported by The Times. HMRC opened 2,029 investigations between April and November alone, recovering £172 million. This is part of a larger trend – with over 3,100 investigations and £251 million recovered in […]

Retirement age may rise to 71, research suggests

According to research examining the impact of increasing life expectancy and declining birth rates on state pensions, middle-aged workers in the UK may need to work until they are 71 before becoming eligible for pensions, as reported by The Guardian. Current plans anticipate the retirement age rising to 67 between 2026 and 2028, and to […]

Probate delays hit national press

The national spotlight has recently been cast on the persistent probate delays, garnering attention from major media outlets such as The Times. The story in The Times sheds light on Zoe Shipley’s distressing ordeal with probate delays, as she faced a year-long struggle to settle her grandmother’s estate due to bureaucratic inefficiencies at HM Courts […]

Proactive Private Client lawyers wanted

Former law firm CEO  and  author of “Ditch The Billable Hour” Shaun Jardine,  from The Big Yellow Penguin, is holding the third online conference for proactive lawyers who want to learn how to ditch the billable hour. Private Client lawyers from all over the UK are invited to attend the online legal training event being […]

Good Business Week – Accreditation That Matters

This week is Good Business Week, a campaign run by The Good Business Charter of which we are accredited – and proud – members. The Good Business Charter offers a straightforward accreditation process open to organisations of various sizes in the UK, acknowledging their commitment to responsible business practices. Accredited entities encompass a diverse range, […]