Understanding UK Probate Properties: Statistics & Key Players

Probate properties represent a unique segment of the real estate market in the UK. These properties are typically sold after the owner has passed away, and the legal process of probate has been completed. This article aims to shed light on the prevalence of probate property sales in the UK and identify the key stakeholders involved in these […]

Examples of unethical conduct undermining rule of law – LSB research

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has published new research concluding that proportionate regulation has a role to play in supporting the rule of law and responding to lawyers’ unethical conduct.  The report, by Professor Richard Moorhead and Professor Steven Vaughan, explores the professional commitment of lawyers to uphold the rule of law, including promoting respect […]

Remember A Charity chair Allan Freeman hands over reins at year end

Remember A Charity logo

Remember A Charity has announced the appointment of a new Chair, Anaish Yilma- Parmar, British Red Cross’s Head of Legacies, who will take over responsibility for leading the coalition of charities. Yilma-Parmar will take up the role in January 2024, picking up the reins from Allan Freeman. Having completed an extended four-year term as Chair of the […]