Discussing High Court Decision In Paull v Paull [2018] EWHC 2520 (Ch)

High Court Case

This article discusses the recent High Court decision in Paull v Paull [2018] EWHC 2520 (Ch) concerning whether a property transfer from an elderly father to his son could be set aside for presumed undue influence. The facts The claimant was Neville Paull. The defendant was his son, Bradley Paull. In 2010 Neville transferred his […]

Supermen Webinar 49: The Countrywide Legacy Software: Where Are We And What’s Coming Next?


Running a business means you are always looking for ways to save time and money, whilst increasing client satisfaction. The Countrywide Legacy Software is continuously being developed in order to help professionals and their businesses do exactly that. Countrywide Legacy is simply more than just legal document drafting software, it assists in running an entire […]

Over 5 Million People Burdened With Wills And Estate Planning Anxieties

Over 5 Million People Burdened With Wills And Estate Planning Anxieties

Over half of the UK public find the concept of writing a Will a taboo subject. Either they are too worried to confront their mortality, too financially constrained or simply perplexed by the process; this means that over half of us are moving through life without any Will at all. A recent report, by Royal […]

Is Your Business Ready For The Blockchain Revolution?

Is your business ready for the blockchain revolution

Today’s world is increasingly digital. We are living in a time of constant change – not least when it comes to consumer expectations – and with this change comes new challenges that require new ways of working. Let’s face it, our communications, media, entertainment and business interactions are increasingly paperless, so why should will writing […]

Contentious Trust And Probate Quarterly Round-Up Autumn 2018


Gelber and another v The Sunderland Foundation and others [2018] The High Court has exercised its discretion under Section 57 of the Trustees Act 1925 to grant additional powers to the trustees of a settlement created by the 11th Duke of Marlborough. The trustees sought new powers (i) authorising them to pay part of the […]

Inheritance Implications For UK Family Businesses

Inheritance Implications For UK Family Businesses

The twenty-first century has seen the popularity of the family business diminish; losing its popularity to corporate conglomerates residing in modern buildings with shiny interactive desks. To a large extent, the Victorian values of the family business being passed down the generations is no longer the popular option. In fact, according to a 2018 research […]

Family Will Disputes – When Property Gifts Go Wrong

Family Will Disputes – When Property Gifts Go Wrong

As people increasingly live longer, frequently requiring expensive care, gift-giving in wills needs to be approached with caution. A will made years, maybe even decades before old age may become inappropriate as cash reserves dwindle. For example, leaving a property to one child and the residuary estate to another child might have reflected a parent’s […]