Fraud in relation to the elderly and infirm – is it an endemic problem?

In August of this year former Senior Judge Denzil Lush indicated that fraud committed against the elderly who entrust their financial affairs to members of their family and friends was commonplace.  Recently a report in the national press highlighted a case involving a serious fraud perpetrated by a neighbour who had been appointed the executor […]

Will writers must do more to communicate with disabled and vulnerable clients

Ten years on from the introduction of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), many will writers still need to do more to support disabled and vulnerable clients. Addressing this subject at the annual Society of Will Writers (SWW) Conference, Tim Farmer, Managing Director of mental capacity assessors TSF Consultants, discussed how communicating and displaying information in […]

What happens to my Bitcoins when I die?

Society of Will Writers SWW

It’s no surprise that in a digital age the question of ‘what happens to my bitcoins when I die?’ has been brought to our attention. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency, which is a form of digital currency, which of course means there’s nothing tangible to be had. You can’t go to the bank and withdraw X amount […]

Would Australian unsent text message verdict stand in the UK?

In a recent case, the Australia Supreme Court accepted a draft text message on a dead man’s mobile phone as a legitimate will. The unsent text, written before he committed suicide, left his home and his pension to his brother and nephew. Despite a claim from his estranged wife, Justice Susan Brown of the Brisbane […]