Cross-Marketing Made Effective

I know what you are thinking, because if I had £100 for every time I’ve heard it, I’d probably be in the Bahamas now, not writing this blog for you to read… ‘We’ve spent thousands on training to cross-market in our practice and it’s been a waste of money. The day after the training, everyone […]

Revealed: the Wills & Probate Practitioners most often up before the Ombudsman

These are the ten firms most often subject to decisions by the Legal Ombudsman with regards to wills and probate work. In total there were 244 firms subject to a total of 279 decisions between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016. Handley Brown LLP were subject to seven decisions, with the Ombudsman requiring a […]

Could a new software launch change the will writing industry?

WillSuite – a tech startup which aims to change the Will writing industry through its online software package, has now been launched to Will Writers, Financial Advisors and Solicitors across the country to streamline the Will writing and estate planning process in one easy-to-use system costing just £89/month (or as little as £1.50 per document).  […]

Amount firms lose to cyber criminals jumps 40% in 12 months

The amount UK law firms lose to criminals online has risen by 40% over the last year, with firms losing an estimated £2.53 million in the six months to April this year. According to accountants Hazlewoods, who say they specialise in work for the legal profession, that’s a significant jump from the same period a […]