Traps and Tripwires for the Modern Executor

Traps And Tripwires For The Modern Executor

Why your clients need an LPA (and what happens if they don’t have one)

Are the days of the “lay” executor numbered?

Traps and tripwires for the modern executor:

  • Common misunderstandings
  • Locating all the assets (and distributing them) and liabilities
  • The importance of insurance and valuations
  • Dealing with HMRC, missed exemptions and calculating IHT
  • The DWP and the executor’s obligations
  • Debts – and why they matter
  • The importance of estate accounts

Claims against estates:

  • The Executor’s role when a claim is made

The implications of loss caused by executor error:

  • Personal liability … Who pays?

What is the value of half a house for IHT purposes?:

  • Another reason why Discretionary Trusts are better….

The ever present threat of the “disappointed beneficiary…..”:

  • Missing beneficiaries!

Why your clients need an LPA (and what happens if they don’t)

  • Why LPAs are so important
  • Options available when clients have already lost capacity
  • The costs and implications of loss of capacity without having an LPA in place
  • The process for Court of Protection applications

Do your clients understand the risks of acting as Executor?

Do your clients understand how difficult and costly the process of applying for Deputyship can be?

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Friday 14th June

Monday 17th June

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