• February 29, 2024
 Tony Peckham:  It’s time to put away the quill and ink

Tony Peckham: It’s time to put away the quill and ink

Tony Peckham, 70, of TP Consultancy, has been running his professional Estate Planning business for 15 years now, but one simple change has resulted in his company being more successful than ever.

Like many other professionals, Tony was used to the old fashioned way of writing Wills whereby he had to print out instructions, complete the forms by hand whilst with the client and go back to his office to input these into a computer.

“When the legal document drafting Software, Countrywide Legacy, started taking off a few years ago, Clive (Director of Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd) encouraged us to use our laptops at meetings to take client instructions. Being old school, I resisted because I thought this would detract from the interview process particularly when most of my clients would be aged over 50 and some very elderly,” says Tony.

Despite Tony being completely against the idea of embracing modern technology, he did find his method extremely time consuming and expensive particularly when document corrections had to be made, meaning more processing and postage fees.

Eventually, in 2015, Tony decided to go paperless and started using our state of the art drafting Software, Countrywide Legacy.

Following three years using our Software, Tony has saved time, money, reduced errors and set his business apart from the competition.

“I became more familiar and confident with inputting information/orders directly into the Software. I now use the Software when taking client instructions and it would be a rarity for me not to use it for this part of the process.

I have not had any resistance from clients to using this system, in fact, they are usually quite impressed – more so than I once imagined” Tony goes on to say.

Here’s how Countrywide Legacy helped Tony to do this

  • He can now input instructions directly into the Software on a tablet or PC without a Wi-Fi connection. So no more need to take instructions on paper and input into a computer later.
  • Countrywide Legacy automatically produces personalised Order Summaries for Tony’s clients to check and confirm. This means less corrections and removes the need to send draft documents for checking.
  • The Software doesn’t allow him to proceed with an order unless all necessary fields are answered, meaning he doesn’t have to chase missing information anymore.
  • Tony is now able to take instructions for clients wherever they reside in the UK (this includes England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).
  • Countrywide Legacy intelligently remembers and allows him to re-use client information previously taken, at ease.
  • The Software has enabled Tony to offer his client’s 76 (and counting) different products. Everything from an LPA to a Trust of Land.
  • Tony can easily send information electronically to a central processing team or third parties.

Tony adds: “The Software is so versatile and it actually acts as an aid in obtaining the correct information. I like to think that I’m pretty experienced and don’t need prompts but I’m as likely as the next person to overlook something whilst the chatting goes on and the Software prevents that from happening.”

And there’s so much more to Countrywide Legacy…

“Since I have been using Countrywide Legacy, there has been continuous improvement and it seems to get better all the time.

The brand new Paperless Package has yet again saved me so much time and money.”

The Paperless Package includes:

  • Paperless point of sale process with e-signatures – Terms of Business, Rights to Cancel and a Receipt personalised with your costs are available in the Software. These can be automatically branded with your company logo and details. Best of all, documents are stored in the Software meaning no more scanning and postage.
    Watch our video to see for yourself! 


  • Personalised Client Disclaimer – an automatically produced legal document which summarises your client’s decisions. No need to send out covering letters/reports and save time and money with e-signatures, as clients can sign electronically during the meeting or in their own time on a private link that will be sent to their email address.
    Watch our video to see for yourself!


  • Electronic Client Notes – seamlessly input client meeting notes directly into the Software, making for an entirely paperless process with no issues deciphering handwriting or losing pieces of paper. These notes remain in the client’s file for future appointments and can be added automatically to the Disclaimer if the client chooses to include this.
    Watch our video to see for yourself!


  • To do Notes – create a personal task list which can be marked off once completed. These notes will be saved and stored on the client’s profile for future reference. They are displayed on the home page of the Software for instruction takers or a central processing team to view.
    Watch our video to see for yourself!

Bonus Feature

Is your business still stuck in the dark ages?

Then what are you waiting for? Follow Tony’s footsteps and make the leap to Countrywide Legacy today.

“The Software really does work and I recommend that any advisor who has any doubts should give this a try. I don’t think there will be any looking back,” Tony concludes.

Provide your clients with a better service by getting it right first time and every time










The Paperless Package

FREE for existing Essential Package users until 2019

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Purchase your Essential Package now and draft as many Wills, including Trusts and Deed of Severance, with no additional charges for the number of documents produced.

More information on the Paperless Package can be found here.

Join Countrywide Legacy today.

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