Report reveals urgent need for digital transformation in private client legal services

Legado have released a report unveiling pivotal insights into the landscape of client and solicitor interactions within the private client legal sector.

According to the report, the most commonly used communication channels among Private Client solicitors are ‘Email’ and ‘Post’. However, despite the prevalence of digital communication tools, 60% of consumers encountered obstacles when interacting with solicitors, indicating a clear demand for more streamlined and accessible solutions.

The report also reveals the overwhelming support for secure digital portals among participants, with 92% expressing the value of such platforms for enhancing interaction and facilitating smoother processes.

The report also highlights the discrepancy between the recognition of digitalisation’s importance and its actual implementation among solicitors. While email remains the primary mode of client interaction, 50% find managing client communications challenging.

Their research discovered a significant demand for intuitive digital experiences, both from clients and solicitors. Notably, 90% of clients would prefer a secure digital portal, indicating a clear path for law firms to enhance client engagement and satisfaction. On the solicitor’s side, despite recognising the need for digital experiences, there’s a gap in implementation, with only a small percentage utilising client digital portals. Josif Grace, Founder and CEO of Legado, said:

“As we navigate through the digital age, the legal sector must embrace the changes that come with it. This report not only highlights the gaps in our current systems but also presents a clear opportunity for growth and improvement. The future of legal services lies in our ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of our clients in a secure, efficient, and user-friendly manner.”

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