Probate issues addressed by HMCTS

Probate issues addressed by HMCTS

Issues surrounding the level of service for those trying to complete probate has been raised once more this time in a Law Society Group Meeting with HM Court and Tribunals Service (HMCTS)

The feedback was grouped into common themes. These were:

  • Estimated timescales and concerns about delays
  • Accessing the online service
  • Communication with HMCTS
  • Collaboration between HMCTS and HMRC.

During the meeting HMCTS responded to the feedback, detailing their responses which have been outlines on the Law Society website here.


Timescales was a prominent issue and one that has been a backbone of contention with practitioners over many months. HMCTS’ response revealed that it has the capacity to issue a minimum of 6000 grants a week, and is currently training two new groups of examiners and issuers which should help increase the number of grants moving forward. This in turn would reduce the turnaround time which currently stands at 11 weeks (from submission to grant issued) for digital applications with stops, or four weeks with no stops. Alternatively, the traditional paper format application takes 16 weeks with stops and just under three weeks with no stops.

HMCTS is also in the process of recruiting more staff to help reduce contact waiting times for practitioners.

Problems with MyHMCTS is something that here at Today’s Wills and Probate we’ve seen cropping up with our readers. However, HMCTS has said that the two main errors of:

  • repeated failure of access codes, or
  • being diverted back to the login page despite entering the relevant details

have now both been rectified.

The full responses to the issues can be found here.

Jennifer van Deursen