Making plans for Nigel – SFE National Conference

Making plans for Nigel – SFE National Conference

The annual SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) Conference is taking place online on Wednesday 23rd June 2021.

This year the event has a new and exciting format: attendees will explore a day long, in-depth case study named Nigel Jones.

Expert speakers will unpick key legal issues throughout the day and focus on the impacts on Nigel and his loved ones. Delegates are asked to read the full case study in advance and make notes considering how they would approach the scenario. They’ll then be able to compare their notes with peers and experts on the day. Read the synopsis below or click here to read the full case study.

The event will be opened by Chair of SFE, Michael Culver who will provide a welcome and outline the day. Speakers include Naomi Winston, Julia Abrey, Tom Dumont, Charlotte John, Cate Searle and Julie Butler. They’ll cover a breadth of topics including lack of capacity, testamentary agreements, care options and tax implications.

Tickets are priced at £200 (a discount available for SFE members).

To find out more and book, visit:

Who is Nigel?

Nigel Jones, a 65-year-old successful businessman has had a stroke in one of his holiday homes abroad. He has an ex-wife and 4 adult offspring who don’t see eye to eye. Oh, and his relationship with his girlfriend, whose mother to his young son? Let’s just say, it’s complicated…

Nigel’s business and property interests are also causing a stir – he’s a man of means, some of which were built up with (or was it by?) one or other of his grown-up daughters.  Although the Wheel of Fortune hasn’t always spun his way, he’s ended up with a portfolio of assets in various countries covering houses, a farm and his estate agencies. The estate agency has spun-off a burgeoning tech company – there are investors knocking at the door with a multi-million-pound deal, but is it all off if Nigel can’t sign on the dotted line?

With Nigel too ill to communicate, and the doctors unsure of his prognosis, his nearest and dearest are all desperate to know where they stand, and they look to their friendly local SFE lawyer to explain the way forward. How do you unravel this? And where do you start?

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