MOJ consultation on modernising LPAs comes to an end

MOJ consultation on modernising LPAs comes to an end

A 12-week consultation on the Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) proposals to modernise lasting powers of attorney (LPA) is now being analysed following the end of the consultation in October.

The MOJ reports that over 300 responses were received through the online hub, post and by email from stakeholders and members of the public.

Alongside the consultation, a series of workshop events took place covering key themes and giving the opportunity for stakeholders to have in depth discussions around the themes and consultation itself, with more than 110 people attending seven scheduled events.

The MOJ reports that the feedback received has been encouraging and that the events generated some meaningful conversations which have improved confidence around discussing the consultation and its purpose.

In a recent blog post, Nick Goodwin, Public Guardian for England and Wales, shared his gratitude to all those that responded to the consultation, saying:

The 12-week consultation has now come to an end, during which time, many of you have provided invaluable insights and responses to our questions. Thank you for all your time and interest so far, we’ll keep you informed as things progress.”

The MOJ is now in the process of analysing responses and intends to publish the government’s response to the consultation in spring 2022. Until the response is published, the Modernising LPA project teams across MOJ and OPG are continuing to work on researching the experiences of the public with LPA processes and exploring prototypes in the possibility that a digital channel can be developed.

For any queries around the consultation, please email mlp[email protected]

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