• April 12, 2024
 Bereavement offering enhanced following new partnership

Bereavement offering enhanced following new partnership

Link Group has announced a partnership with Co-op Legal Services to drive a more progressive approach to how bereaved families are able to administer the affairs of their loved one.

Settling an estate and dealing with the finances of someone who has recently died can be overwhelming, which is why Link Group has turned its bereavement process on its head, reimagining it from the perspective of the executor shareholder.

As part of this, Link Group is joining forces with one of the market leading providers, Co-op Legal Services, to give personal representatives of the deceased the support they need.

Link Group teams will leverage Co-op Legal Services’ expertise to deliver proactive, compassionate, and faster support to individuals who rely on their assistance.

Link Group has also launched a dedicated website to support users at every stage of their journey to make sure their service is as straightforward and helpful as possible when it comes to administering the affairs of a loved one.

Link Group is the UK’s largest share registrar, delivering shareholder services for 40% of companies and funds listed on London’s Main or AIM markets.

As a share registrar, Link Group maintains shareholder registers, acting as a first point of call for investors, assisting them with administration of their shareholdings.

Co-op Legal Services, which is part of Co-op Group, is highly experienced in helping those who have been bereaved. It is one of the UK’s leading specialists in probate and has specialist teams which offer practical support and guidance to those who have lost a loved one.

Susan Ring, CEO Corporate Markets of Link Group comments:

“Losing a loved one is the hardest thing in the world, and it’s not made any easier by all the red tape involved when it comes to dealing with their affairs. At Link Group we wanted to simplify the process of reuniting individuals with the shares left to them, which is why we’ve reviewed our internal bereavement offering and partnered with Co-op Legal Services. Often individuals will have little to no knowledge of share or estate registration, which would lead us to further conversations we couldn’t facilitate. Co-op Legal Services is one of the market leaders in bereavement, offering support before, at the point of, and after death, so we feel in safe hands signposting individuals to the Co-op Legal Services team, who are extremely well-positioned to give our customers the additional support they need.”

Judith Gledhill, Head of Bereavement Services at Co-op Legal Services, comments:

“Link Group supports 40% of the UK’s listed clients, so we saw an opportunity to work together with the UK’s largest registrar to make the bereavement process easier for a significant number of people. The technicalities of dealing with a loved one’s shareholdings can be complicated; especially for executors who don’t have experience in buying and selling shares. We’re looking forward to continuing to build our partnership with Link Group, to help take the weight off the shoulders of individuals dealing with life’s most challenging situations. We’ll be continuing to work closely with the team so that we can pre-emptively improve the customer journey for those responsible for administering an estate.”

Toni Ryder-McMullin

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