Factsheet for Professional Executors

Factsheet for Professional Executors

Being a professional executor can have a range of challenges, not least when working with charities, all of whom might have slightly different requirements.

We also know that professional executors work incredibly hard to deliver legacy income to charities by dealing efficiently with charitable estates. Charitable legacies deliver over £3bn of income to the sector every year, supporting a huge amount of vital work across the UK.

The Institute of Legacy Management (ILM) works with over 400 charities big and small around the country, so we understand first hand the challenges for both charities and executors in these cases. For many charities, gifts in wills are a vital income stream, so naturally we want to ensure this process works as smoothly as possible for all parties.

As well as supporting charities and offering them help and guidance, we also want to ensure that professional executors can navigate some of the trickier requirements of managing legacy gifts. To help with the process, we have put together a factsheet aimed specifically at professional executors which we hope will be invaluable in your role as an executor, while also helping clarify exactly what charities information charities will ask for, and why they ask for it.

You can view our Guidance for Executors on the ILM website here.

We always welcome feedback – please get in touch at [email protected] if you have any comments or suggestions.

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Institute of Legacy Management


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What we do

Legacy professionals in the UK are responsible for over £2.8bn of charitable income every year – money left to charities in people’s wills. This is income that many charities are reliant upon to continue the excellent work that they do. The Institute of Legacy Management provides those working within the legacy sector with a network of support and dedicated training services. We represent and support hundreds of charities, not-for-profit organisations and associated professions. Ultimately ILM seeks to ensure that every donor’s gift to charity achieves its greatest potential.

We are proud to:

* Act as a crucial network uniting legacy professionals across the UK * Provide dedicated training services to maintain and improve practices across the profession * Work with probate professionals and other service providers to improve and strengthen the legacy management process from start to finish * Maintain and deliver information about the legacy management profession to the wider community * Help define and share the highest professional standards for legacy management

Our partners

We work very closely with the legal profession and partner with many law firms to help offer insight and support to our members, as well as giving the legal profession an invaluable insight into the charity legacy market.

Making the switch from law to legacies

Many of our members started their careers in the legal profession but decided to make the switch to charities so they could use their skills to help charitable organisations maximise legacy income. Working within the legacy sector is an extremely rewarding career and we often advertise legacy roles with a range of charities on the dedicated jobs page on our website. In order to support those who are embarking on a career within legacy management, ILM offers a wide range of training opportunities, as well as a nationally accredited legacy qualification known as CiCLA, or the Certificate in Charity Legacy Administration. You can find out much more on our website. Contact: Matthew Lagden, CEO Tel: 07872 579 819 email: [email protected]