• December 9, 2023
 Choose The Easy Route, Choose Countrywide Legacy!

Choose The Easy Route, Choose Countrywide Legacy!

Wondering whether Countrywide Legacy is right for you? Let us explain why we’re the best legal document drafting software on the market…

Written by industry professionals!

Our software is written in-house, by Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEPs) who are currently working in the field. Our high level of expertise means that we are in tune with what both you and your clients want and need, making our software the ideal platform for your business.

We have both the client’s and your businesses’ best interests in mind as we continue to develop our software to help you fulfil your potential.

Seamlessly guiding you through the various stages of the legal document drafting process, it’s as simple as ABC. Not only is it easy to use but our software will automatically “grow” your business with the number of products and solutions available and the reduction in time spent on administration, all meaning that you have more time available to spend with new clients.

If you want software that creates individualised documents for each client and their specific circumstances, then we are the perfect fit!

Choose the easy route, choose Countrywide Legacy!

Tailored to your business needs!

Unlike other software providers, we understand that one size does NOT fit all. We don’t force you into buying our software for a mammoth price leaving you with features going unused – we like to give our customers the ability to chose exactly what it is they want to get out of the software.

  • Browse our huge range of products and packages
  • Tailor your software to the size, style, goals, and clientele of your business
  • Build on our Essential Package as your business grows!

With our essential package, you can take instructions for all our products and services, including Conveyancing – from Trusts of Land, ordering a full conveyance, to a simple TR1.

We have a whole range of bolt-on packages – click here to view the options offer.

Our software will help you to offer your clients a full range of products and services, no matter how complex their circumstances while also allowing you to improve efficiency.

Choose the easy route, choose Countrywide Legacy!

The Paperless Package!

If you’re frustrated using paper-based processes, owing to the number of errors and threats to security, then we have the answer!

Our Paperless Package is tailored to suit all estate planning businesses, regardless of size and specific needs. With this package you’ll never need to use a piece of paper ever again! Documents can even be signed and stored securely in the software.

The benefits are endless:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Improve service
  • Increase security
  • Increase accuracy

Say goodbye to administrative errors and hello to the convenience of a 100% paperless system!

You can also automatically generate your Terms of Business, Receipt, Rights to Cancellation and a Client Disclaimer for your clients to electronically sign – all at the touch of a button!

To learn more about the Paperless Package and it’s power to revolutionise your business, click here.

Choose the easy route, choose Countrywide Legacy!

The Will Clarity Package!

Countrywide Legacy’s Will Clarity Package can protect your business by automatically compiling a Will Clarity Statement and Statement of Execution for each client. They fully satisfy the ‘why, when, where, how and what’ when it comes to the wishes and surrounding circumstances, behind your clients’ decision making process when writing their Will.

Our software offers increased protection and reduced risk – for both you and your client.

The Will Clarity Package allows you to:

  • Reduce risk
  • Accurately record and store all necessary information
  • Offer clients a superior service
  • Save future administrative time and costs
  • Provide your clients with a voice after they are gone

To learn more about HOW the Will Clarity package can protect your business, click here.

Choose the easy route, choose Countrywide Legacy!

CRM System!

By providing you with a better way to manage your prospects, we can help to bridge the gap between you and your prospective clients, whilst also helping to streamline your sales process.

The CRM system helps you to:

  • Stay organised
  • Tap into more potential revenue
  • Establish a rapport with prospects
  • Save time and hassle
  • Securely store prospect information!

The CRM system helps you to visualise your sales pipeline via charts detailing your potential revenue. This means you can easily assess your progression and plan your future sales goals.

There is also a calendar which automatically syncs to your Countrywide Legacy calendar, helping you to always stay on top of tasks and appointments.

Our invaluable CRM system is available for a small monthly fee, or even better, when you buy our Professional Bundles, it is completely FREE!

To take a closer look at the CRM system and see what it can do for your business, click here. Or for more information on the Professional Bundles, click here.

Choose the easy route, choose Countrywide Legacy!

A business management tool!

Our software isn’t simply about drafting legal documents, you can do so much more!

There are note-taking tools to help you:

  • Record any relevant information
  • Eliminate the need for clumsy handwritten notes
  • Record more accurate and more secure information

You can also create to-do notes so you can:

  • Stay on top of all tasks
  • Be more productive as a sole trader
  • Enable teams within large companies to work more cohesively

Visual cues are extremely important in Estate Planning meetings. Our software allows you to produce illustrations so you can:

  • Better explain different concepts to clients
  • Store your drawings for use with future clients
  •  Be better equip to educate on the finer details of estate planning

All of these useful features aid the software’s ability to act as an all round business management tool, ensuring all of your resources are in one, organised and secure location.

We have 78 different products on offer, and counting – with more being developed as we speak – including the Trustee Meeting Package. The benefits of our software are endless, so if you’re intrigued to know more about this unique program, click here!

Choose the easy route, choose Countrywide Legacy!

We are industry leaders, but you don’t need to take our word for it…

Try our software for yourself instead!

Visit our website now to start your free 30-day trial OR call us today for more information on how we can help your business!

Telephone: 01926 514 392

Email: newentrants@countrywidegroup.co.uk


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