Caroline Flack died without making a Will

Caroline Flack died without making a Will

Caroline Flack’s fortune will be given to charity as no Will was made before she passed away earlier this year.

The Love Island presenter died in February this year at the age of 40 with reports indicating she had left an estate worth £2m.

However, once probate commenced it was revealed that her assets was significantly less at just over £800k, owing to debts and death duties being cleared.

Caroline’s mother, Christine, is the legally appointed executor and vowed her daughter’s estate will be put to good use, according to reports.

She said:

“We will use the money wisely to help good causes that Caroline was passionate about.”

By law, anyone who dies without making a Will in England and Wales is declared intestate, their property (the estate) must be shared out according to certain rules, which are called the ‘rules of intestacy’. Flack’s parents were ‘given an equal share’ in the star’s estate.

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