Baby-loss awareness training for law firms – free-to-access training

A free-to-access baby-loss awareness training programme has been launched to help law firms gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively support their employees and co-workers who have experienced the loss of a baby. The training will contribute to fostering an environment that is open, inclusive, and supportive for those affected by baby loss and give those around the firm practical skills to provide meaningful assistance to individuals going through this difficult experience.

The programme has been designed by baby-loss awareness campaigner Keeley Lengthorn, a partner in the family team at Taylor Rose MW, alongside experts at Briefed – a team of barristers that deliver specialist training, certification and support to businesses – and has been launched to coincide with Baby-Loss Awareness Week (9th Oct-15th Oct), now in it’s 21st year. 

Borne out of her own experiences, Keeley began a campaign in 2022 for the UK to better protect employees who suffer pregnancy loss beyond 24 weeks.Dubbed “George’s Law” after her own son who she lost at 22 1/2 weeks, the ambition is to enact legislation that would provide 3 days statutory leave in the event of baby-loss.

One quarter of UK pregnancies end in loss and each year an estimated 250,000 miscarriages and 11,000 ectopic pregnancy hospitalisations occur across the UK, emphasising the complexities of pregnancy-related healthcare. The campaign will go before the House of Commons later this year and Keeley says the new training platform is a vital part of that crusade in further raising awareness:

“I am determined to help bring about a change in the law. But this could take time. This training will help provide support right now to many employees who need it and for that reason it really can be a lifeline. I urge all businesses to make use of it.”

You can access this free-to-access resource here

It comes at a time where there is still a widespread lack of knowledge on the issue of baby loss in many workplaces. The loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy can take an enormous mental and physical toll on those impacted. Yet currently the UK doesn’t recognise these losses in the same way as stillbirth and neonatal death, instead, it is up to employers to decide to provide paid leave.

Increasingly, employers are introducing their own baby loss policies, but a lot of organisations, big and small, have no formal miscarriage leave provision.

Keeley said:

“I am indebted to the whole team at Briefed for collaborating with me on my mission to legislate “Georges Law” and to raise awareness generally of baby loss. This training is informed, easily navigated, and provides both employers and employees with tools at their fingertips to assist employees who have suffered a baby loss.

“I’m eager to launch this and hope that businesses will use this and other training courses provided by Briefed to assist their workforce during what can be a really difficult period for some returning to work.”

Orlagh Kelly, a barrister and the CEO of Briefed, said:

Keeley’s story resonates with me personally, and with many other barristers, solicitors, colleagues and friends. That’s why I’m so grateful that Briefed now has the opportunity to raise awareness of the difficulties bereaved parents face navigating their workplace after a loss.

“We want this training and resource toolkit to ignite conversations on how employers and colleagues can support each other and implement common sense policies to create a safer and kinder work environment.”

Workplace Pregnancy Loss Training – free-to-access training for law firms

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