Are you in the fast lane when it comes to running your business?

Are You In The Fast Lane When It Comes To Running Your Business?

We live in the digital age

With new and innovative means of communication emerging daily, our personal lives are defined by not only what technology we use, but how we use it.

Smart phones which were once used purely for their convenience, are now used out of necessity because individual lives are entirely contained on these tiny devices.

  • You no longer need to look out of a window to check the weather… there’s an app for that!
  • You no longer need to get cash out of your wallet to make a purchase… there’s an app for that!
  • You don’t even need to go out into the real world to connect with friends because there is most certainly a multitude of apps for that!

I’m sure technology is incorporated into your personal life, but what about your business?

Why now?

Software has become one of the most influential tools that people use to navigate their lives. But of course, with great social adjustment comes a certain degree of scepticism – we all have varying levels of susceptibility to change after all!

So, could you be doing more to utilise the power of technology?

Technological advancements now span much farther than simply the needs of the individual. They can also benefit the needs of the business. Particularly with regards to compliance, security and immediacy – resulting in reduced risk. While businesses settled within the legal sector tend to be stooped in traditional methods of practise, it could actually be acting as a hindrance to their overall progress.

Putting pen to paper was sufficient when it was the only way to do things, but why deny your business the opportunity to progress because you are reluctant to adapt?

A manageable step in the right direction

Countrywide Legacy is a tried, tested and highly regarded legal document drafting software that allows you to take the first step towards becoming a paperless business, whilst taking the complexity out of a technological move. Written by a team of will-writing experts, who understand what clients want, the system isn’t only about drafting legal documents. It also assists in streamlining your processes to support all your operations.

Our 100% paperless system is tailored to suit all estate planning businesses, regardless of size and specific needs. Our level of expertise means that we are ahead of legislative changes and our software reflects this, guiding you seamlessly through the process.

The benefits are endless:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Better quality of service

Clients anticipate technology to be incorporated into all aspects of service in 2019 and beyond, so transferring to a paperless system won’t come as the shock you might aspect and will ultimately be well-received.

Paperless is the future

Not just in the legal sector but in retail, publishing, media, finance and beyond. There’s a growing public need for efficiency and convenience across industries, so why shouldn’t your business reflect this? Paperless systems allow for security and accuracy, assurances that alternative methods don’t provide. By adapting your business to incorporate technological platforms, you vastly improve company practice and certify yourself as ahead of the game. In an industry encouraging you to stand out for all the right reasons, your quality of service being paramount, Countrywide Legacy will facilitate this.

So, take a leap into the future today by signing up to our Countrywide Legacy 30 day free trial… Don’t take our word for it, see the difference for yourself!

For more information about the benefits of the software, visit our website:

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