Reform Party promises to abolish grief and inheritance tax for estates under £2M

Ahead of the election the UK Reform Party is promising to abolish grief and inheritance tax (IHT) for estates under £2M in their contract.  The working draft manifesto, which was released on Monday, is being called a ‘contract’ to the British public and the party’s leader Richard Trice has said: “Our country is worse off, […]

Call for pension reform: ‘Scrap all pensions tax relief and NICs rebates, replacing them with saving bonuses’

A pension specialist has urged the next government to scrap ineffective tax relief and NICs rebates on pension contributions, and replace it with savings-based bonuses paid independent of tax-paying status. A paper published, by the Social Market Foundation, addresses all three pillars of State Pension, workplace provision and personal provision, and considers both pre-retirement saving […]

Report shines light on ethnic group attainment gap in legal professional assessments

The University of Exeter has published its report on behalf of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) into the causes of different levels of attainment for ethnic groups in legal professional assessments. Findings show that there are a myriad of reasons that cause differences in outcomes. Key findings from the report include: Being part of a […]