The Final Logoff: Your Steam Library and Digital Legacy

Valve’s stance on the non-transferability of Steam accounts and their associated games poses a significant challenge for gamers planning their digital legacies. As digital gaming has evolved, many gamers have accumulated extensive collections of games on platforms like Steam, believing these purchases are a long-term investment, potentially valuable to their heirs (for instance, a collection […]

Call to scrap stamp duty for over-75s to boost downsizing and address housing crisis

Don’t Miss Out On Stamp Duty Savings With Inheritance Advance

Stamp duty should be eliminated for individuals over 75 to encourage downsizing and make more family homes available for younger buyers, according to Will Bax, CEO of Retirement Villages Group. England’s property transaction tax acts as a “handbrake” preventing older adults from moving when they need to free up funds for care, Bax argued. He […]