The Case for Selling Probate Property at Auction in Today’s Market

In the often complex and emotional process of handling an estate, selling probate property can pose significant challenges. Executors and beneficiaries face numerous decisions, from determining the property’s value to choosing the best method of sale. In today’s dynamic property climate and market conditions, opting for selling probate property at auction emerges as a compelling […]

UK signs up to Hague 19 Convention

The UK government has signed up to the Hague 19 Convention, meaning judgments made in courts in England and Wales will be recognised internationally in future. As a result, UK citizens and businesses will be spared time and money on cross-border disputes. Firms caught up in time consuming international legal disputes will be spared time […]

LSB Chief Executive steps down

Matthew Hill, Chief Executive at The Legal Services Board (LSB) has announced he is stepping down at the end of March 2024. Matthew Hill joined the LSB in August 2019 as Chief Executive and executive Board member. The Board of the LSB have started the process of recruiting his successor immediately. An interim leadership arrangement […]

UK life expectancy declines amid pandemic impact

The UK’s latest life expectancy data, as reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), revealed a decline attributed largely to the COVID-19 pandemic. Boys born during 2020-2022 are now expected to live up to 78.6 years, a decrease from 79.3 years for those born in 2017-2019. Similarly, girls’ life expectancy has dropped to 82.6 […]