Mental health – something’s got to give…

Legal mental health charity LawCare has today released the findings of its research study Life in the Law. The research into wellbeing in the profession captured data between October 2020 and January 2021 from over 1,700 legal professionals in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, and Isle of Man. The aim of the research […]

Online Wills – Why you SHOULD be offering these to clients

The stigma attached to the provision of online legal services and in particular online wills can be traced back to the fundamental misunderstanding of their implementation.  Implementing technology into almost every facet of everyone’s lives is a daily occurrence. Consumers accept and in some cases expect technology to make life easier so the logical question […]

LSB publishes Faculty Office governance report following cooperative review

LSB rejects ACCA application to exit as regulator of probate services

Today, the Legal Services Board (LSB) published the findings of its review of the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury under the Well-led standard of the LSB’s regulatory performance assessment framework. The Master of the Faculties, acting through the Faculty Office, regulates the notarial profession in England and Wales. The LSB found that the Faculty […]

Law Society chief executive to take up new role with Abbeyfield

Chief executive of the Law Society of England and Wales Paul Tennant will be leaving the organisation at the end of the year. He will join the Abbeyfield Family and take up a new role as chief executive of the Abbeyfield Society. The Abbeyfield Society is an active advocate for the elderly and is a […]