Only 25% Of Social Media Users Consider Their Digital Assets

Only 25% Of Social Media Users Consider Their Digital Assets

Research has indicated that 33% of the world’s adult population have a social media account of some description, yet few have considered the implications of what happens to their online data after they die. Facebook alone has around 2.27 billion members with more than 1.4 billion set to die by 2100. Despite these figures, only […]

Indemnity Insurer Actively Seeks To Reward Well Managed Firms


Firms who maintain a claims-free record may be able to benefit from a financial rebate provided it meets certain conditions. New professional indemnity insurer New Eden is claiming to be the first to offer firms “direct financial rewards”. Richard Brown, Chairman of New Eden, said in an interview with Legal Futures that rewards could take […]

LEAP App Is Changing How Probate Is Managed


LEAP Legal Software have launched their LEAP Probate App, making the process simpler for those who work in the sector. It’s hoped the App will strike the balance between the care and attention needed to carry the probate work out with the need to work efficiently. The App is built with the end-user in mind. […]