Tower Street Finance partners with

Tower Street Finance partners with has appointed Tower Street Finance as its first strategic lending partner to provide short-term products that enable quick and easy access to inheritance for its individual and company users. is a digitally enhanced,

There’s no such thing as a typical customer for Tower Street Finance

Tower Street Finance was formed after its now managing director Andrew Bartle had a beer with founder of IDR Law Martin Holdsworth. He told Andrew a story about a lady who was struggling financially after

Geordies would spend inheritance windfall jetting off on a jaunt

We recently asked 2,000 UK adults how they would spend an inheritance windfall: “Vegas”, “gold bullion”, “splashing out on a new house or wheels”, or more sensibly “investing” were among the responses. But for the

Grandads more generous than grandmas

It was revealed recently that grandparents are planning to leave more in their wills for their grandchildren than they intended before Covid-19 hit. And now Tower Street Finance’s own research of 2,000 people has uncovered

Alongside the Chancellor’s spending review in late November, the Office for Budget Responsibility predicted that the number of estates subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT) was predicted to rise to 30,400 in 2020/21 – that’s up

Tower Street Finance partners with Penn Chambers

Specialist in family law, wills and probate, Penn Chambers Solicitors has partnered with Tower Street Finance to offer its clients products that make it easier and quicker for administrators, executors and beneficiaries to access estate

Pandemic prompts grandparents to rethink inheritance

Thirty-eight per cent of grandparents are planning to leave more in their wills for their grandchildren than they intended before Covid-19 hit. The survey of more than 2,000 UK grandparents, carried out by wealth manager

Where there’s (not) a will there’s a way

There are many reasons cited as to why people don’t make a will. They range from being uncomfortable talking about death to trusting their families to do the right thing when the time comes. And

As the World celebrated the arrival of a Covid-19 vaccine this week the global stock markets boomed on the positive news. The FTSE 100 had its best day since March, a top ten ‘single-day’ gain,

Tower Street Finance has launched an Inheritance Tax (IHT) Loan to help the thousands of families each year whose inheritance is locked because they can’t pay the tax bill. It sits alongside its Interitance Advance

Dreaming of living in France, Spain or Portugal?

Make the move now with an Inheritance Advance! Between 2016-2018, an average of almost 74,000 Britons a year migrated to the EU and this year it could be even higher. Many Britons are in the

Don’t Miss Out On Stamp Duty Savings With Inheritance Advance

Many solicitors are reporting that their conveyancing teams are seeing record levels of business, with anecdotal evidence that a backlog caused by the Covid crisis, a higher divorce rate, people moving ‘out of town’ and

We know these are challenging times for many and, sadly, some people’s credit histories are going to be adversely affected due to financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic. On 17th March the Government

Many amazing businesses have been created with the help of drinks and friends. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, found his entrepreneurial spirit after a few drinks. Both UBER and Tinder began with a chat over

Tower Street Finance has introduced a unique product which the probate sector, executors and beneficiaries have been crying out for. Inheritance Advance enables beneficiaries to access a proportion of their money sooner, without having to