Image of a person planning a will

Why wills and plans are important

A recent survey conducted by JMW Solicitors revealed a startling statistic: 20% of UK adults do not know what it means to contest a will. For solicitors, it is essential to ensure that clients understand

farming dispute finale

The farming dispute finale: Guest v Guest in the Supreme Court Inheritance disputes in the farming industry remain a hot topic for both legal practitioners and famers alike, who must grapple with the legal principle

Life interest

A recent case has highlighted that, where a spouse is left a life interest in an estate, in certain circumstances it can be considered reasonable financial provision – this was held to be the case

poisoning of the mind

Whittle v Whittle & Another was a case involving “fraudulent calumny”; a poisoning of the mind intended to result in the exclusion of an otherwise likely beneficiary, reducing their share of an estate or increasing

Hughes v Pritchard

In mid-2021, I wrote about the Judgment in the case of Hughes v Pritchard and asked the question: “how far do you need to go to establish capacity?”. In that case, the High Court had

The appeal in the case of Hirachand v Hirachand & Anor (“Re H”) has been eagerly awaited by those who work in the Contentious Probate field; a landmark decision in relation to the recoverability of