Are awards part of your marketing plan?

Are awards part of your marketing plan?

With entries for The British Wills and Probate Awards now open Today’s Media Managing Director David Opie provides some thoughts on the value of entering awards ceremonies.

When planning out your marketing strategy do you consider including awards ceremonies? For some marketeers awards can be a distraction, an inconvenience. Other see them as a fantastic way to build up a firm’s profile, and boost team morale.

How many awards are you planning on entering this year?

Sometimes it can feel like there a few too many awards ceremonies in certain sectors, and too many LinkedIn posts of winners in black ties and ballgowns toasting success at one awards dinner or another. Awards can provide a huge boost to your business and you should consider how they might fit into an overall marketing strategy over the next 1, 3 and 5 years.

Increase your profile

Win or lose, in the lead up to the event, during the event and afterwards, the name of your business will be splashed around, with industry experts, clients and potential clients becoming aware of your business name delivering a welcome boost to your brand.

Reinforcing your reputation

In your marketing and communications you can extol the virtues of being involved in a credible and high quality judging process, independently recognised by your peers for service excellence and achievements.

It is prudent to carefully consider which awards are most relevant to your strategy. For example, should you wish grow a reputation in a niche area of the law, entering awards and categories which cater for that will support your efforts to grow your reputation.

Effective as part of your overall marketing strategy

Making your local community aware of your success sets you apart from your competitors. Should you be recognised by an awards ceremony you will want to ensure you are in touch with your local news outlets to make them aware; then this can boost your chances of being instructed.

Again, thinking about particular consumer friendly categories, perhaps around service excellence and expertise, can help with building a local brand.

Greater influence through association

An award can raise the profile of your company; the effect can be stratospheric! Positioning your firm in the presence of similar industry greats will certainly improve your firm’s profile.

6 months of marketing for a nominal fee

The awards organisers have a vested interest in making as much noise as possible about the ceremony. Engaging with them through social media will amplify your firm’s involvement. Entry opportunities often start up to 6 months before the event itself so even allowing for an entry fee, you get up to 6 months of ongoing promotion opportunities for a nominal fee.

Return on investment

Add to that the possibility of being nominated for an award and your return of investment goes through the roof. A nomination alone will see your success spread far and wide both through the awards’ organisers and your own messaging.

You will benefit from the awards’ press coverage, marketing collateral and social media coverage. These benefits alone will more than cover the entry fee and will expose your firm to new sections of the market.


Our next blog considers the ins and outs of a successful submission but if we have whetted your appetite for entering awards find out more about The British Wills and Probate Awards 2022 and the exciting choice of categories available on The British Wills and Probate Awards website.

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