Month: March 2021

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Making the Complex Simple

“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.” – Albert Einstein Making a Will is not always straightforward – it is difficult to future-proof such an enduring document against all the uncertainties of life. As a technology company that specialises in the private client sector, has dedicated its 30-year history to understanding and addressing key industry pain points and developing solutions that not only […]Read More

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LSB rally call to put consumers at heart of legal

The Legal Services Board (LSB) launched a consumer-focussed strategy for legal services in England and Wales, and called for collaboration to reshape legal services to better meet society’s needs. The ambitious ten-year strategy reflects that the significant challenges facing the legal services sector can only be tackled by people and organisations working together to pursue […]Read More

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Spotlight: New categories for The British Wills and Probate Awards

The British Wills and Probate Awards are taking center stage once again this October, and we’re excited to shine a spotlight on some of our new categories for this year’s awards. Alongside headline sponsor Executor Solutions, and Champagne Sponsor Exizent we look forward to recognising achievements, highlighting progression and championing innovation. Have you entered the […]Read More

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Free virtual seminar: The nightmares of intestacy

Title Research’s Technical Manager, Simon Barber, and Business Development Manager, James Cameron, are back next week on Wednesday 31st March at 12pm with another virtual seminar. In this session, Simon and James will critically analyse a handful of nightmare intestacy case studies. More specifically, they will cover: The inherent risks of intestacy A critical analysis […]Read More