Month: May 2020

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Women In Wills Community Continues To Thrive

This week the Women in Will’s LinkedIn group celebrated hitting over 430 members. In the current climate, having meaningful conversations with your peers can help get you through the day. Although social distancing guidelines prevented events taking place allowing members to meet up in person, the online community has continued to thrive. Regular meetings conducted […]Read More

Wills & Probate

Supermen Webinar 66: How To Select The Most Appropriate Trust

Part 1 of 2 All available with the Countrywide Legacy Software, but which one is right for my client? Discretionary Trust Life Interest Trust Flexible Life Interest Trust Countrywide’s ‘series of’ Discretionary Trusts that qualify for the RNRB Bereaved Minor’s Trust 18 – 25/Children’s Trust Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Trust Flexible Interest In Possession Trust (IIP) Business/Agricultural […]Read More

Wills & Probate

Today’s Wills & Probate Latest Partnership Launched

Today’s Wills & Probate is delighted to announce its newest partnership with Ampla Finance. Partnerships enable organisations to place their products and services at the front and centre of Today’s Wills & Probate readers with a range of options including on-site adverts, profile pages, submissions of regular content and inclusion in the events planner. The […]Read More


Will Writers Must Continue To “Do The Basics” When It

Chief Information Officer at Lawyer Checker Jen Williams has shared some of her own experience of the impact of Covid-19 on her and the business. Speaking to Today’s Wills and Probate she warns practitioners of the realities of fraudsters preying on the uncertainty and potential communications breakdowns within law firms. While there are increasingly sophisticated […]Read More

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Ask An Expert: 007 – A License To Bill

In a short commentary for Today’s Conveyancer, Simon McCrum, former Managing Partner of national firm Darbys Solicitors, discusses his experience of joining the business in 2007 just weeks before the Credit Crunch. That business in due course became the UK’s fastest-growing law firm. Now a Management Consultant for law firms through McCrum Consulting, Simon shares […]Read More