Month: September 2015


Reach for the stars (Will they, or won’t they?)

This week’s tweet is all about the CILEx Practice Rights Roadshow – with events running throughout October and November. Legal professionals are said to gain knowledge into how to develop their careers and enhance earning potential through attending these events. A range of practice areas will be covered, including probate. Will you be attending?   […]Read More


Moneypenny celebrates as time flies

Telephone answering specialist Moneypenny is celebrating three years of handling `night-time’ calls, the majority legal, from the other side of the world. In 2012, the company took the unusual decision to open an office in New Zealand to meet the increasing demand at the time for a 24/7 telephone answering service — driven by the […]Read More


Informative webinar highlights major flaws in the handling of recent

In his Certainty Expert Webinar on 22nd September 2015, Tom Dumont, the well-known barrister of Radcliffe Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn, comprehensively answered the questions: how safe are wills from adult children’s 1975 Act claims, and can we make them any safer? Tom is recommended by the legal directories as a leading practitioner for traditional chancery, charities and […]Read More

Organisations Pensions

FCA proposes changes to pension rules to enhance consumer protection

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today outlined proposed changes to its pension rules to address the risks and challenges faced by consumers in the new retirement market. The FCA’s paper contains a number of proposals designed to ensure that the pensions market works well for consumers, including new requirements to help consumers shop around, ensuring the […]Read More


High pension fees may shock many unaware clients

Should consumers be more aware of the indirect costs of their pension plans? New research indicates this may be the case. Many UK residents are unaware of the additional costs they may incur from their pension providers in terms of management and early-exit costs. Recent research has demonstrated potentially worrying numbers of people are unaware […]Read More


Solicitors: national campaign launched on questions of trust

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is today (Wednesday 30th September) launching a national ‘A Question of Trust’ campaign to give everyone a chance to have their say about action taken against those solicitors who fall short of the expected standards. Members of the public, charities and consumer representatives have been invited to the campaign’s launch event […]Read More

Firms & People

B P Collins welcomes new private wealth specialist

The Wills, Trusts and Probate team at B P Collins LLP have recently appointed a new private wealth specialist, Vicky Johnson. During September, the firm welcomed various new solicitors to the private client practise including associate Vicky Johnson who is joining a well-established team to offer expert advice to clients on tax and estate planning. […]Read More


Rising IHT threshold – will it help or hinder?

The Government’s plans to increase the threshold for the value of estates eligible for Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the Summer Budget may not reduce the level of IHT people pay as much as anticipated. Recent years have shown an exponential increase in the levels of IHT receipts accepted. Government figures confirm that between the years […]Read More


Lock them up (Will they, or won’t they?)

At this year’s Society of Will Writers’ Conference, a brand new product will be launching that’s designed to keep digital legacies and sensitive information used for probate, within a safe “Vault”. What are your thoughts on such a product? Will your business integrate this type of system in order to safeguard client details? Given the […]Read More


New process saves time for all

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has made it easier and quicker for firms to apply for a change in status by cutting form filling by a third. New slimline application forms have been introduced for firms that need to apply for authorisation for a change of legal entity, or for LDPs electing to be licensed. […]Read More


Take immediate action

With the newly enhanced efforts criminals go to in order to get their hands on valuable assets, it’s integral for any professional to remain adept in how to protect yourself as well as your business. The important thing to note when assessing risks is considering what firms are liable. The answer is…any firm. With modern […]Read More

Charitable Legacies

Who is responsible for legacies?

Donations to UK charities in the last decade were around £2 billion per annum. A large sum however, when you compare that figure to the ratio of charities in the UK who are bequeathed gifts and legacies via wills then it’s a different story. Anyone wishing to leave a legacy in their will to a […]Read More


Estate accounts- help is at hand!

Estate accounts. Not the most exciting subject and one that makes many private client lawyers’ hearts sink. Quite possibly, one of the reasons for this is fear. After all, we are trained in law not accountancy and while we might be able to write a will or apply for a grant with relative ease, preparing […]Read More


Baby boomers take no prisoners

The number of cases of baby boomers disputing wills and being prosecuted over attempts to defraud elderly relatives has increased by record numbers. Inter-family fraud has increased by 300% from £544,000 in the first quarter of 2014 up to £2.1 million in the same quarter in 2015 – the latest report from the KPMG fraud […]Read More

Wills & Probate Market

Spread your wings (Will they, or won’t they?)

How can you share knowledge on the importance of having a will and details on the probate process, including why it’s advised to use a qualified professional? Discover local businesses that work amongst your target market – whether that is teachers, carers, or even family members of vulnerable people. Approaching prospective clients can be effective, […]Read More